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International American School in Barcelona

Our mission is to empower pre-school through 12th grade students to become global citizens with the critical thinking skills and the self-confidence to maximize their potential.

The American School of Barcelona seeks to continuously improve through innovation. Our aim is to be recognized as the leading international school in Europe, empowering students to lead with integrity, to open minds, and to transform the world.

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The American School of Barcelona is thrilled to host its 9th BCNMUN conference on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November.

Debate: A New After School Activity

The debate class is a new after school activity for high school students led by Mr. Cook, our IB Economics, World History and Debate teacher.


Our Testimonials

Ana Pérez Muelas
  • Parent

"When you travel from Boston to Barcelona with three kids, you look for the best school to make a smooth transition. We are so glad we chose ASB! They have the best teachers who helped our children adapt, the best administration who are always willing to listen and assist, the best campus where kids can be kids, and the best community with great families and diverse cultures. We cannot be prouder to be part of the ASB community, happy kids, happy parents!!!"

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Peter Freer
  • Parent

"After a worldwide search, my family moved to Barcelona from NYC in 2014 and could not have been luckier to land at ASB. Our kids are thriving and have so many opportunities to challenge themselves both in and out of the classroom. The entire school has a culture of continuous improvement and we have seen tremendous growth (new ES building, new MS/Gym/Auditorium building, increased focus on the arts, sports, science, and math are just a few examples) in a short period of time.  We are so grateful to be a part of the ASB community. Go Lynx!"

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Lucas Silveira
  • Student

"ASB's safe environment has helped me to find like-minded students with whom to grow. I have been an active member of the performing arts, performing in multiple school productions and charity and community events. I feel very fortunate to have such amazing teachers and a learning community that cares about student well-being."

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Isabelle Newland
  • Alumni

"I am forever grateful to the teachers I had during my time at ASB. Their passion and dedication is unsurpassed; it is clear they not only love the subjects they teach but appreciate their role in guiding the curiosity and ambition of the students that pass through their classrooms. I'm going to miss seeing them every day."

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Marina Volchok
  • Alumni

"I attended ASB from PK3 until Grade 12, and over the years, I was able to appreciate the authentic feeling of community at the school. The school, being relatively small, makes it easy for students to develop strong relationships with classmates, students in other grades, and the teachers."

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Pablo Urrutia
  • Alumni

"Extracurricular activities and community service are essential components for students. I was the president of Rotary Interact, a student representative for Student Council, a delegate in Model United Nations, and on the school tennis team. ASB opened the door to an empowering, open-minded, and international learning experience that continues to guide me today."

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Alyssa Skites
  • Alumni

"ASB drastically changed my perceptions as a former small-town American who had never before recognized the complexity of the world or the beauty that can flourish from intercultural friendships. My experience at ASB taught me the importance of community service, allowing me to understand how to tackle social problems at a young age."

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Fred Fox
  • Teacher

"Relocating to a new country is never an easy experience. As a first-year teacher at ASB, I was highly impressed by the support provided to start living and working in Spain. My first few weeks in the country were filled with events and tours led by current ASB staff who wanted to share what they love best about Barcelona, and the new staff professional development was focused not just on school policies and procedures but also on becoming a part of the ASB team!"

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Antra Johary
  • Alumni

"Coming from a very different culture, I was relieved how welcoming, and open-minded the student body was. The students are accustomed to the international community and celebrate different cultures. I would say, without a doubt, that the people– students and teachers– are ASB's greatest strength."

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Jacob Anderson
  • Alumni

"When I first arrived in 9th grade, everyone seemed genuinely interested in ensuring my transition to the community was successful. I will always look back on my experience at ASB, inside and outside the classroom, as the most enjoyable time of my life, not only because of the opportunities that were at my disposal but because of the community that I was lucky to call mine."

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