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International American School in Barcelona

Our mission is to empower pre-school through 12th grade students to become global citizens with the critical thinking skills and the self-confidence to maximize their potential.

The American School of Barcelona seeks to continuously improve through innovation. Our aim is to be recognized as the leading international school in Europe, empowering students to lead with integrity, to open minds, and to transform the world.

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ASB News


The American School of Barcelona is thrilled to host its 9th BCNMUN conference on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November.

ASB English Learning Center

Our English Learning Center offers two programs that start in the fall: the Weekday Program from Sept. 29, 2021 to May 30, 2022, on Monday & Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:30, and our Saturday Program from Oct. 2 to May 28, 2022 from 10:00 to 14:00.

ASB at WSDC Debate Competition

Over the summer, from July 26-30, under the coaching of Mr. Micah Cook, five ASB students (12th graders Asia and Karolina, 11th graders Zachary, Victoria, and Emma), and one alternate from Marbella represented Team Spain at the WSDC Debate Competition.


Our Testimonials

Pablo Urrutia
  • Alumni

"I have been part of the American School of Barcelona since P.K.3. As I go back to those times I remember the school very differently. We used to only have one building, which compared to now seemed like a much smaller school. The truth is that ASB has not only grown in students but also in quality of infrastructure, teachers, extracurricular programs and internationality. Since I was a child, school has always felt like a second home. The relationships you build with students and teachers are more personal, enhancing the learning experience positively. We have always been taught in a very applied and hands-on methodology which is something I have learnt to appreciate as I compare it with a local course I took this summer. Extracurricular activities are also a very important component for students here. I am the president of the Rotary Interact group in school as well as a student representative for Student Council, part of the Model United Nations and tennis team. Extracurricular and community service is highly valued, something that I feel very grateful for. For me ASB has opened the door to an empowering, open-minded and international learning experience that will help me find a way for my future."

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Alyssa Skytes
  • Alumni

"ASB focuses heavily on the importance of community service in the social shaping of an individual, allowing many to begin to understand how they can tackle social problems at a young age. Not only this but ASB drastically changed my perceptions as a former small town American who had never before recognized the complexity of the world or the beauty that can flourish from intercultural friendships."

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Fred Fox
  • Teacher

"Relocating to a new country is never an easy experience. As a first year teacher at ASB I am highly impressed by the support provided. Ana was in contact with me right away to explain the procedures and steps involved in starting employment in Spain. She even helped me through an emergency VISA related phone call while I was at the consulate in Los Angeles. The ASB team helped me find housing before arrival, and I was given a local escort to help set up residency, banking, healthcare, cellular service, utilities, and more. My first few weeks in the country were filled with events and tours led by current ASB staff who wanted to share what they love best about Barcelona, and the new staff professional development was focused not just on school policies and procedures, but also on becoming a part of the ASB team!"

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Antra Johary
  • Alumni

"The thing ASB does best is that it always finds a way to support your ambitions and ideas. Students are always encouraged to join various clubs and sports teams based on their interests and abilities. If a student has an idea, from fundraising for a cause to start their own club for students interested in Engineering, teachers always are ready to help you make your vision a reality. The teachers in this school really care for their students, not only in regards to their subject but also personally. I have been involved in many extracurricular activities in my time at ASB and know that without these opportunities provided to me, I would not have this much confidence in myself and my abilities. 

One memory that I know I will never forget is when BCNMUN took place. Barcelona Model United Nations (BCNMUN) is an MUN conference hosted by our school annually. This conference is also student-led, meaning a Board of six students were responsible, with the super of planning and executing an international conference hosting around 500 people. This year, I was elected to be the Secretary General and hosted this conference after eleven months of planning. I gained invaluable experiences during this time, learned about my strengths, my areas of growth, the ability to work collaboratively and other skills that everyone requires in life. The only way this was possible was through this amazing opportunity ASB provides.

Not only do teachers at ASB help support all of their students’ endeavours, be it in extracurricular activities to projects in particular subjects, they are also very approachable. Asking questions or extra help is made extremely easy and teachers try their very best to make sure every student is engaged and learning. The students themselves are very welcoming. The thing I was scared of most when I first joined ASB in 8th grade was if I was going to make friends. Coming from a very different culture, I was not sure about how other students would receive me. From the first day of school until now, the student body has been very welcoming and open minded. Being an international community, the students have been accustomed to celebrate different cultures and that is something I enjoy greatly. Everyone is respected in the school and everyone, to my knowledge, feels comfortable and free to be themselves. I would say, without a doubt, that the people– students and teachers– are ASB’s greatest strength."

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Charmaine Monds
  • Teacher

"One of the best parts of working at ASB is knowing that our focus is always on professional growth and development.  In addition to taking full advantage of the robust on-campus professional development offerings, my leadership journey continues to be supported through attendance at the Principal’s Training Center.  My continued development is directly attributed to these tremendous growth opportunities, and I am forever grateful."

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Jacob Anderson
  • Alumni

"When I first arrived at the American School of Barcelona in 9th grade, I was initially intimidated by the prospect of a brand new school, worrying whether I would fit into the community. However, throughout my experience, the entire school community, from students to faculty, made a conscious effort to make me feel welcomed. 

Everyone I encountered seemed genuinely interested in me and in ensuring my transition into the community was successful, making me feel valued not only as a learner, but as a person.  Beyond the school's top-notch academics, I believe that some of the school's greatest strengths are its extracurricular opportunities. The ability to play sports, compete in speech and debate competitions, and attend Model United Nations conferences all around Europe has been one of the highlights of my ASB experience. I will always look back on my experience at ASB, inside and outside the classroom, as having been the most enjoyable time of my life, not only because of the opportunities that were at my disposal, but because of the community that I was lucky to call mine."

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Marina Volchok
  • Alumni

I have been at ASB since PK3 and over these years, I have been able to really appreciate the authentic feeling of community at the school. The school, being relatively small, makes it easier for us students to develop strong relationships with our classmates, people in other grades and the teachers.

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