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International American School in Barcelona

Our mission is to empower preschool through 12th-grade students to become global citizens with the critical thinking skills and the self-confidence to maximize their potential.

The American School of Barcelona inspires students to lead with integrity, to be open-minded, and to make the world a better place.

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ASB News

Opening ceremony of BCNMUN conference 2023

The American School of Barcelona is delighted to host the 11th BCNMUN 2023 conference (Barcelona Model United Nations) on November 23-25, focused on the theme "Peace and Conflict." The opening ceremony welcomed 400 student delegates from 20 schools across eight countries at the University of Barcelona.

university fair in the ASB gymnasium in November 2023

ASB hosted the Council of International Schools (CIS) University Fair on November 9, representing over 100 universities worldwide. High school students from across Spain, including ASB Grade 9-12 students, had the opportunity to meet with university representatives to discuss future ambitions and learn about different university options and pathways.

Cambridge Exams Results

Congratulations to our English Learning Center students who passed the Cambridge Exams 2023.

IBDP 2023 Results

Congratulations to our exceptional students on their outstanding achievement in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) 2023!


Our Testimonials

Nevid Nikravan
  • Parent

"We have lived in Barcelona since our children were born. As both our children are thinking about studying abroad, most likely in the United States, we thought it would be a good idea for them to attend an American school for their high school years. ASB looked like the best school in Barcelona to prepare them for this challenge. We were initially interested in reinforcing their English, leveraging the college counseling team, and finding a more international community. We have been thrilled to find a great and very welcoming community, with teachers focused on the children's individual development and a very open-minded and motivating attitude. ASB is a school where the children enjoy the process of continuous learning and growth as individuals and as part of a group. They are motivated academically and personally to explore and pursue their passions."

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  • ES Student

"I started in first grade and am about to finish elementary. Every year the school feels more and more like home, but even from the beginning, ASB's community is so strong that no matter where you're from or how long you've been here, you always feel part of the family. All my teachers are so friendly, supportive, and motivating. They find fun and creative ways to help me learn."

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  • MS Student

"Day to day at ASB, I could not feel happier at school. In the years I've been here, I've gotten many incredible opportunities, like participating in math competitions and being part of our amazing Student Council. I feel like I get to help and positively impact the lives of others both here at school and in the larger community. Additionally, I've gotten to take the stage with ASB a couple of times, most recently with Spotlight Productions, where I got to help put on a fantastic show with my peers and friends. Finally, as a cheerleader, I could not be happier cheering this school on. Go, Lynx!"

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  • HS Student

"ASB has taught me about the power of community. I continue to learn so much from my peers from all over the world and friends from vastly different cultures. I have a wide variety of interests - ranging from military history to astrophysics and athletics - and the support I receive from the school allows me to thrive academically and through my extracurriculars. I participate in and lead several extracurricular activities, including Student Council, high school basketball, and the Eco Club. In addition, I enjoy giving back to the school through community service projects that further enhance our school values and ethos."

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  • MS Student

“I've been fortunate to have made some great friends at ASB. Diversity, respect among students, and a warm and caring community have contributed to that. In addition, being on the Middle School Student Council has allowed me to help my peers while developing my confidence and leadership skills. I'm also having a lot of fun playing on the middle school girl's soccer team.”

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  • MS Student

"ASB is a great school! It offers many activities and opportunities to pursue one's interests and goals. I enjoy playing basketball with the middle school team and competing in local school leagues. I also enjoy participating in worldwide math competitions like Mathcounts or AMC8. I feel like I am thriving at ASB!"

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  • HS Student

"Since moving to ASB in seventh grade, the school’s encouraging community has inspired me to join student groups, as well as to take initiative and create my own. I proudly form a part of the Student Council and the Cadete girls’ volleyball team, as well as being founder and editor-in-chief of the Blue & Read student newspaper; these associations enable me to connect, exchange ideas, and learn from my outstanding peers. Go Lynx!"

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  • ES Student

"I have been a student at ASB since I was three years old. I love being a member of the Student Council because I get to be part of a group where we brainstorm ideas to help make ASB the best it can be. For me, student council is important because it makes life at ASB more fun and we also try to help others. For example, we organize spirit week and we help raise money for the lynx, an endangered animal that is also our school mascot. My favorite thing about ASB is that it welcomes students and we get to make new friends."

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Sacha Poignonnec
  • Parent

"We chose to live in Barcelona because it's a perfect city to work, live, and raise children. I am very close to Africa geographically, in the same time zone as most operations, and I can easily be in other European cities, or to the US where we need to go regularly. It's also great to live and to raise children in an environment that is very authentic, with strong roots and history, and at the same time totally open and multicultural. The 'livability' of Barcelona is simply exceptional. I have lived and worked on almost every continent, and nowhere in the world is there a combination of a big city, business presence, culture, history, connectivity, and quality of life."

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Patty Beleyto
  • Alumni

“Being a part of the ASB community was a big part of my life. I made life-long friends and established English as my third language. I traveled multiple times to the United States on school trips, and the school introduced me to another culture besides mine. My American adventure of working and living in Miami today would not have been the same without my years at ASB.”


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Ana Pérez Muelas
  • Parent

"When you travel from Boston to Barcelona with three kids, you look for the best school to make a smooth transition. We are so glad we chose ASB! They have the best teachers who helped our children adapt, the best administration who are always willing to listen and assist, the best campus where kids can be kids, and the best community with great families and diverse cultures. We cannot be prouder to be part of the ASB community, happy kids, happy parents!!!"

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  • ECC Student

"My friends are from all over the world. I learn about traditions celebrated in each of their homes. I am lucky to be part of this community."

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Jenny Killion
  • Teacher

"As part of the Teaching and Learning team at ASB, it's been so exciting to see how the opportunity for professional learning has grown over the last decade. We are able to bring in consultants like Mary Ehrenworth from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and Paul Andersen for NGSS science work. In addition, we are able to connect with teachers from the other American International Schools in Spain for professional learning related to early childhood education, DEIJ, C3 social studies, and K-12 World Languages. These opportunities, combined with the opportunity for instructional coaching and other internal PD, have created such rich opportunities for our teachers to learn in order to support their work with students."

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Peter Freer
  • Parent

"After a worldwide search, my family moved to Barcelona from NYC in 2014 and could not have been luckier to land at ASB. Our kids are thriving and have so many opportunities to challenge themselves both in and out of the classroom. The entire school has a culture of continuous improvement and we have seen tremendous growth (new ES building, new MS/Gym/Auditorium building, increased focus on the arts, sports, science, and math are just a few examples) in a short period of time.  We are so grateful to be a part of the ASB community. Go Lynx!"

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  • HS Student

"ASB's safe environment has helped me to find like-minded students with whom to grow. I have been an active member of the performing arts, performing in multiple school productions and charity and community events. I feel very fortunate to have such amazing teachers and a learning community that cares about student well-being."

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Isabelle Newland
  • Alumni

"I am forever grateful to the teachers I had during my time at ASB. Their passion and dedication is unsurpassed; it is clear they not only love the subjects they teach but appreciate their role in guiding the curiosity and ambition of the students that pass through their classrooms. I'm going to miss seeing them every day."

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Marina Volchok
  • Alumni

"I attended ASB from PK3 until Grade 12, and over the years, I was able to appreciate the authentic feeling of community at the school. The school, being relatively small, makes it easy for students to develop strong relationships with classmates, students in other grades, and the teachers."

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Pablo Urrutia
  • Alumni

"Extracurricular activities and community service are essential components for students. I was the president of Rotary Interact, a student representative for Student Council, a delegate in Model United Nations, and on the school tennis team. ASB opened the door to an empowering, open-minded, and international learning experience that continues to guide me today."

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