Strategic Plan

2024-27: Rising Together



ASB is deeply committed to building upon its core values and expertise to help prepare young people for the unchartered waters of a rapidly changing world. Ask anyone associated with ASB what makes this school extraordinary, and you will likely hear about our commitment to educating children to maximize their unique potential, driven by a balance between excellence and deep care for each other. We take pride in our teaching methodology, and our graduates receive offers to pursue academic degrees at best-fit colleges and universities in North America, Europe, and beyond. They also leave the school with lifelong friendships and a strong sense of purpose.

Our previous strategic work (2017 - 2024) created strong academic math and science curriculum and instruction as well as expanded sports, extracurricular, and performing arts programs. It also gave us a strong framework to develop the core elements of a balanced educational experience. Our efforts starting this year will include newly designed curricular programs that lead to deeper learning framed by a focused effort to ensure everyone benefits from a caring environment, and that each student has the tools to follow a unique journey. Additionally, we will develop broader connections with international organizations and the global learning community. This will enhance the ASB experience for all stakeholders, making us a strong leader in the expanding and increasingly competitive global network of international schools. These three pillars - Caring and Belonging, Deeper Learning and Expanded Connectivity - are the foundation for our strategic plans for the coming years.



The Three Pillars of our Strategic Plan

Investing in the Future

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The success of our strategic planning is based on the clear roadmap designed by the school. Curricular changes, additional support staff, and organizational shifts will be essential.  Additionally, the school has developed a facilities improvement plan that proposes constructing a new building that will include a new state of the art auditorium, cafeteria space, and learning commons and libraries. These additions will allow us to organize and optimize the space we already have on our campus to ensure that physical limitations do not constrain the implementation of our strategic plan or indeed the educational experience of all our students.

Supporting ASB

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