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Relocating to Barcelona

Moving to a new city is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a challenge for anyone. Schools naturally think of the needs of children, but the whole family has to go through the adaptation process.

In Barcelona you will find the friendliness and warmth of the Mediterranean character that encourages visitors to come, a pleasant climate all year round, as well as an enviable quality of life with unique and distinguished neighborhoods, and cohesive communities that will make you feel at home.

Barcelona is the ninth best city in the world and third in Western Europe according to the latest results of The World’s Best Cities, prepared by the Resonance consulting firm, which collects annual reviews from citizens and visitors. The report notes that Barcelona is just about the ideal European city, with a perfect climate, miles of beaches, iconic sites, amazing architecture and colorful neighborhoods.

The capital of the United Kingdom, London, tops this ranking followed by Paris, New York, Moscow and Dubai. The study values the fact that the Catalan capital has made a great effort to control the emergence of rampant tourism.

Attractive city for digital talent

Barcelona is the 10th most attractive city for digital talent in the world and the 4th in Europe, behind London, Amsterdam and Berlin, according to the report Decoding the digital talent challenge 2021, prepared by the Boston Consulting Group.

This report focuses on the preferences of digital professionals working in the IT sector through 9,900 surveys of people in 190 countries. Although priorities have changed with the pandemic, one of the most important factors valued by digital professionals is the work-personal life balance.

Barcelona: among the 20 most competitive cities in the world

Another of the main benchmarks, the Global Power City Index, ranks Barcelona among the top 20 in the world according to a multidimensional ranking that lists variables such as the economy, research and development, cultural interaction, liveability, the environment and accessibility.

Since 2008, the Mori Memorial Foundation has classified cities in this index according to their “magnetism”, or their power to draw people, capital and companies from around the world. Barcelona appears as the 18th most competitive city in the world in 2021, in a ranking led by London, New York, Tokyo and Paris.

The Catalan capital is ahead of cities such as Vienna, Toronto, Zurich, San Francisco, Brussels, Frankfurt and Chicago. The Barcelona’s strengths that are most valued are its liveability, the cultural interaction and the accessibility of transport.

Barcelona leads Internet appearances

Also in a 2021 study, Barcelona appears as the fifth most mentioned European city on the Internet and social media, according to the ranking Europe’s Most Talked About Cities, which is published by ING and is headed up by London.

The Catalan capital has held the same position over the last three years, currently ahead of cities such as Istanbul, Milan, Berlin, Moscow and Lisbon.

A Detailed Guide of the City

Whether you are still thinking about moving to our city, are in the process of doing so or have just arrived, this guide created by the City Hall will help you settle in and make the most of your first experiences here. It includes everything you need to know before coming to Barcelona and upon your arrival, to make moving in and your everyday life easy.

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Barcelona, an amazing city to live in!