ASB - An Official Eco-School


After four years (2019-2023), the American School of Barcelona proudly received the Green Flag, recognizing us as an official Eco-School. We are one of the few international schools in Spain to earn this distinction, signifying our commitment to continuous sustainable education in our community.

ASB Eco-Code

EcoClub History

ASB joined the Eco-Schools organization in 2019, resulting in the formation of an Eco-Committee composed of a variety of stakeholders - parents, teachers, students, administrators, and staff members. The ASB Eco-Committee strived to follow the Eco-School's process of improving campus sustainability and earning the Green Flag recognition.  At the same time, a student-led EcoClub in the high school formed and began participating in this work and completing their own projects. Working closely with the Spanish affiliation, EcoEscuelas, our members have been driving many initiatives over several years to raise awareness and promote sustainability, bringing critical issues to the forefront of conversation amongst students, staff, and parents. The Eco-Committee and EcoClub work complementary of one another and both continue to meet today to plan specific actions and events that will lead to a more sustainable school and community.


Eco Club members stand with Solar Panels on ASB rooftop

EcoClub members inaugurate the ASB solar panels, installed in 2023.

EcoClub Goals for 2023-24

Video produced by our EcoClub students.

Accomplishments Since 2019

  • Reduce single-use plastic cups from offices and staff rooms
  • Installation of LED lighting throughout campus
  • Installation of water bottle fillers instead of drinking fountains
  • Audits: overall waste, food waste, copier/printer usage
  • Numerous student-led CAS projects: beach clean-ups, recycling of cooking oil & plastic caps, etc. 
  • Ex-situ breeding program for endangered Fartet fish
  • Installation of new insulated windows to better conserve energy
  • Installation of 210 solar panels on campus for energy use
  • Community education through the school newsletter, high school newspaper, and social media

Theme for 2023-24: Food & Waste

  • Decrease the amount of food, packaging, and paper waste the school produces.
  • Better manage the waste we do produce.
  • Share resources with our community about how to make more sustainable food choices.

Throughout the school year, Eco Club members will be spearheading the following actions: conduct waste audits, bring in local expert speakers on the subject of food and waste management, interview the kitchen staff to help improve waste and recycling processes, organize field trips to a waste management site, educate younger students about decreasing food waste and making “unpackaged” snacks, gather information about local farmers’ markets and seasonal foods, promote meatless Mondays and composting school waste, partner with local non-profit organizations that reuse furniture for families in need, organize clothing swaps to minimize fast fashion.

Seven Steps Towards Becoming an Eco-School