Community Activities

Throughout the year the Welcoming Committee organizes a number of social outings and workshops for new and existing families. We believe that by organizing these events, parents can make connections easier not only with the ASB community but can also acclimatise faster to a new culture. Therefore, we would like to invite you to these friendly, relaxing and fun events where you can meet us and other ASB parents.

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Neighborhood Program

A group of parent volunteers will provide you with useful information regarding our school and the community. They will also share their experiences and give you practical advice on moving and transitioning to Barcelona/Spain. Once you settle in, parent ambassadors will help you integrate in your new neighborhood by offering the following activities:
  • Coffee mornings with other parents that live in your area
  • Tours of your new neighborhood, including favourite shops, restaurants, hairdressers, etc.
  • Family gatherings and/or play dates with children that live close to you


To help you to integrate into the community and to feel home in Barcelona we will organize seminars where you can learn, discuss and ask questions from us and our invited speakers about:
  • Health Care System in Spain
  • Documentation: Visas and NIE
  • Understanding Adaptation and Challenges
  • Social Networks in Barcelona
  • Driving in Barcelona – How to get your license
  • Barcelona Activa (Living and Working in Barcelona)

Social Groups

We have formed different groups which are focusing on bringing fun activities to ASB Mums and Dads. See you there!
  • Walking/Running Club
  • Book Club
  • Movie Night
  • Dad’s Group

Social Outings and Workshops

  • New Family Welcome Coffee and Breakfast
  • Parents’ Tapas and Cocktails
  • Boqueria and Gastronomic Tour
  • Cooking Classes
  • Technology Workshop
  • Calçotada Family Lunch
  • Ladies Luncheon