Building Together Development Program

At ASB, maximizing the potential of every student and creating global citizens stand as our fundamental commitments that guide
very aspect of teaching and learning. These institutional values inform our pedagogy, foster personal growth, cultivate belonging and a spirit of collaboration in our community. Both parents and staff are passionate about continuously improving upon the learning environment and raising the academic level and opportunities for our students. This work has led to a dynamic international community, additional high quality faculty, IB and academic program expansion, world class professional training, and new and renovated buildings and fields on campus.  

Connected to this pursuit of ongoing improvement, we created Building Together: an exciting initiative whose overall objective is to engage the community to help improve the educational environment and programs for students. Families can contribute to Building Together in many different ways including participating in Parents Association, cheering for our student athletes on the field, clapping for our student performers on the stage, as well as making monetary donations to the school.