Early Childhood Center

Christina Torrengo, Early Childhood Center Principal at the American School of Barcelona

ECC Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the Early Childhood Center!

Our aim is to provide a stimulating, developmentally appropriate, inquiry-based Preschool (PK3), Pre-K (PK4), and Kindergarten (K5) program. Our students are immersed in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere in order to meet the social, emotional, cognitive, motor and language needs of all children.  Children are active learners and hands-on experiences allow them to make connections to real-life experiences that are crucial in order for them to gain an understanding of themselves as a learner. Activities are opened-ended as well as directed, allowing for:

  •         Engagement
  •         Creativity
  •         Autonomy & Self-confidence
  •         Discovery
  •         Critical thinking
  •         Imagination & Fun

We believe in building a strong home-school collaboration. By working closely with families, we guarantee optimum growth in the development of the whole child. If ASB becomes your choice, be prepared to join and participate in your child’s learning. Our Hand in Hand program will allow you to plan, imagine, question, play and have a great learning experience together!

ECC students enjoy coming to school. We get to know them as individuals, appreciate and respect their uniqueness, and welcome diversity. 

Christina Torrengo
Early Childhood Center Principal

A Day in Early Childhood

Early Childhood Center Programs

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