High School

Principal's Welcome

At our international high school in Barcelona, Spain, we understand that the development of our students comes from building a strong partnership between all stakeholders. We are proud of the relationship that we have created with our students and our parents. To live and breathe ASB’s mission, we start by empowering our students to become global citizens and continue to develop the critical thinking skills achieved during their early years. 

The success of our program lies in our highly skilled and motivated teachers as well as in the alignment with the ASB Middle School program, assuring that all High School students acquire the foundational skills that will make them successful in their further education and/or personal endeavors. 

All ASB High School students attending Grades 9 and 10  follow the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and our approach is through a Standards Based Learning philosophy that focuses on students’ ability to meet learning targets. Because of this, students are able to develop their critical thinking and gain a range of skills that can be applied across multiple disciplines.

In Grade 11, we introduce the IB Diploma Programme. The success of this program stems from its rigor as well as from the relationship between students and teachers fostered since grade 9. Another key element is the vast range of extracurricular opportunities that challenge our students to understand and develop 21st learning and life skills that will help them not only during their college career but also as our vision states, to empower them to lead with integrity in the future. 

At ASB High School, we are proud to work, learn, and lead alongside our students, making their high school experience a meaningful and memorable one.

Omar Ugalde
High School Principal