Counseling Service

Social /Emotional Counseling

The counseling program at ASB gets its foundation from the American School Counseling Association National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs. This comprehensive approach focuses on assisting all students in the academic, personal/social and, in the case of high school students, career domains. Ultimately, counselors strive to help prepare students to become fruitful, respectful, contributing world citizens. The services provided by the ASB counseling program consist of individual and small group counseling, as well as classroom guidance lessons. Counselors consult with teachers, parents, staff, and administrators, as well as outside agencies for referral as needed.

Academic Counseling

ASB provides learning support for students who may need modifications or accommodations in their learning environment. Learning Support counselors work with students and parents to evaluate and coordinate any special support services students may need.

College/University Counseling

ASB has four college counselors, three with expertise in the American, British and International college systems and a fourth counselor with expertise with the local, Spanish university system. All students attend counseling classes to help support their decision-making and application process. Parents are also welcome to meet with the counselor in order to participate effectively in the process. 

the three high school counselors pose for a photo together

Contact our Counselors

If you are a College or University representative, please send an email to our University Counselors:

Ms. Allison Davis, 
Ms. Samantha Huner, 
Ms Carolina Barajas,

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