Middle School

Maggie Stuhan, Middle School Principal at the American School of Barcelona
Principal’s Welcome

We offer students an outstanding educational program in a positive, supportive and stimulating environment. They are encouraged to discover and celebrate not only their own uniqueness, but also the diverse talents and gifts of others within our rich international community. Our curriculum takes into account the developmental needs of students in the transition from the structured learning environment of elementary school to the more independent learning environment of high school. We pay particular attention to supporting the emotional, social, physical, and academic needs of all our developing adolescents by grouping cohorts of students so they begin each day in a homeroom class and take many of their classes together.
Students build interpersonal skills and core character traits through their weekly advisory classes, overnight community-building field trips, monthly assemblies and school socials. In addition, our one-to-one laptop program challenges students to effectively use technology to communicate, analyze, create and express their thinking in diverse ways so they are prepared for the demands of 21st century professions. Our highly-qualified and experienced staff are caring and well trained to bring out the very best in this special age group. Our end goal is that, upon entering high school, our students will have not only developed a solid academic foundation but will also be kind, open-minded individuals who persevere through life’s challenges and are young men and women with integrity.

I encourage you to consider the opportunities we offer and to join our welcoming middle school community.

Maggie Stuhan
Middle School Principal

Improving Skills in Middle School

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