Teaching and Learning

At the American School of Barcelona, we believe that teaching and learning is at the foundation of everything we do. We are committed to providing quality instruction that inspires curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. We take great pride in the quality of the educators we have on our staff and our continual focus on reflection and professional learning. 

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Instruction Rooted in Standards

We believe that the best instruction is firmly rooted in standards like Common Core, Next Generation Science, and International Baccalaureate. From these standards, our teachers design high-quality assessments that give a clear view of students’ level of mastery of knowledge and skill objectives. Teachers design lessons, activities and projects that give students an opportunity to learn and develop through differentiated learning experiences. 

Inquiry-Based Learning

ASB believes we learn best constructively, through the experience of doing and connecting new learning to prior understandings, not through rote instruction or memorization. Our teachers are adept at facilitating authentic, inquiry-based learning experiences that are both challenging and interesting. These lessons typically include elements of self-direction and collaboration, as well as require the use of critical thinking and creativity. The high level of achievement of our students on a multitude of international standardized tests continues to highlight the integrity and effectiveness of our instructional approach.

A Community of Learners

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ASB is a community of learners, in which we all constantly strive to reflect on our performance as educators in an effort to improve. In order to ensure our teachers are on the cutting edge of progressive educational practices, we not only send teachers to the best professional development available, we bring in world-class international consultants to work with our teachers in our classrooms and with our students. In addition, we have three full time instructional coaches who work with teachers to strengthen instructional practices and learning experiences for students. 

What matters most to us at ASB are student performance, growth and achievement: academically, socially and personally. Student success is always our ultimate goal and the focus of all our efforts in the Office of Teaching and Learning.

Read More about Professional Learning Opportunities

We believe the best teachers are reflective, life-long learners and because of this we provide extensive opportunities for professional learning to our faculty at ASB.

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