The International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate

Basketball Summer Camp

Summer Camp Weeks:

Week 1: June 28th - July 2nd (300€)  (Last spots available in WNBA and NBA)

Week 2: July 5th - July 9th      (300€)  (Last spots available in WNBA, NBA and NCAA)
Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 17:00.
This intensive basketball camp is designed to improve the student-athlete’s motor skills, basketball IQ and strength/conditioning. Our summer  program is perfect for anyone ages 11-18 looking to improve their English and basketball skills. Top level coaches with professional experience from the United States and Europe will work with students on all aspects of the game.  Competitions will be held throughout the week where campers will get to showcase their skills.

NBA Division: ages 14-18 boys
WNBA Division: ages 14-18 girls
NCAA Division: ages 11-13 boys and girls

16 spots available for each division.

Why our Summer Camp?

  • Professional native English speaking coaches
  • Students divided into age and ability groups
  • New gymnasium (wood floor & A/C)
  • Strength & conditioning sessions
  • Mixing competitive and fun activities
  • Daily games & competitions
  • Lunch prepared in our own cafeteria
  • Guest speakers
  • Individual/Team prizes
  • Camp T-Shirts
  • High School student-athlete camp counselors


What You Can Learn

  1. You can gain as much muscle strength and coordination possible. When the season starts, teams are thinking strictly about the team. This is the time you can get better individually, to perform at a high level!
  2. You can completely breakdown your shooting mechanics and build a new one. If you can’t shake bad habits when it comes to your shooting form, you can completely change it from June to September. If you already have a good shot, you can work on perfecting it or improving another part of your game.
  3. You get to learn from guest speakers, current players and coaches with different types of philosophies. You get to fully indulge in learning the ins and outs of the game. You get to practice whatever your learn, shortly after hearing or watching a demonstration. Most things that are taught can be done at home!
  4. The camp will be completely in English so kids can learn the language and so we can bring quality international players & coaches to contribute. Most coaches and counselors will also speak Spanish, so kids can always ask for translation.

Meet the Camp Director

Tex McClinton
Basketball Camp Director

 Coach Tex McClinton has been coaching high school   basketball for 8 years. He coached 6 years in Europe   and 2 years in the United States, from ages 8-18. He   spent summers training college athletes in Texas and in 2018 Tex had the privilege to coach at the Global Squad Basketball Academy in Pennsylvania.

Please, contact for further questions.

Vision and Goals

My vision for this camp is to help kids improve their basketball skills in an encouraging social environment. I believe that every athlete can get better but must always be efficient with their time on the court. Repetitions is the most important part to physical growth, therefore we allow campers to get a lot of reps in during the camp.

Positivity is the main ingredient to quicken improvement. Our ASB high school team will be there to help spread that positivity and they look forward to passing on their knowledge to the next generation. Coaches and counselors will be supervising to limit bad techniques and give positive reinforcement at all times.