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Welcome to our English Language Center

Our programs have been designed for students from outside the regular ASB educational program to learn and practice English. I am delighted to introduce the American School of Barcelona’s English Language Center, an educational organization that has taught English to thousands of bright, enthusiastic 3-16 year-old students in Barcelona over the past 35 years. As we look forward to 2023-24, we continue to emphasize our founding principles: imaginative teachingexperiential learning, and extracurricular enrichment, all charged with the excitement of living in one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Some students come as beginners learning the foundations of English as a new language, others to extend the basic skills and knowledge they already have acquired; our advanced students attend to polish their oral or written skills or to build strong English proficiency for college; others seek to gain experience in our English Language Center programs before deciding whether to apply for admission to ASB’s PK-12th grade regular program. Our students preserve not just a quantifiable increase in English fluency, but a transformation in their sense of themselves, their abilities and the place of learning and creativity in their lives.

Meg Holmes
ASB English Language Center Coordinator

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Imaginative teaching, extracurricular enrichment, and the promotion of English language acquisition are the goals of ASB’s English Language Center, now in its 35th year. Our guiding ambition is that our teaching invites participation and creativity, presents new knowledge and experience, and that we take advantage of our expanding campus to the fullest. Outside the classroom, we seek to provide a variety of extracurricular activities that offer students the opportunity to practice English while developing other skills and talents. While we understand that not every student in our program may be an innate language learner, we aim to create an environment that provides opportunities and support for all students to listen, understand and speak English. By greeting students in English, by offering them a comfortable, safe, yet challenging way to explore language through motivating “real-life” activities, and by encouraging them to speak the language as much as possible, we hope to provide them with the opportunity to practice their language skills in a stress-free and amicable manner.



When the ASB English Language Center programs began in 1988, the idea was to make American language and culture accessible to Spanish students through academically rigorous and rewarding experiences. Based on the principles of imaginative teaching and active learning, participants have unique opportunities to develop their English language skills in an international school setting.  By giving students a chance to practice English in a warm and enriching environment, the ELC programs better prepare them for the challenges of higher studies and life experiences that require an advanced level of English.

The American School of Barcelona is an English language-based private, international school that educates local and international students to prepare them for university entrance and then to become successful global citizens. The key to successfully achieving our mission is the outstanding teaching faculty we employ. English Language Center programs are all about the dynamic teaching and learning we do with our students in their particular classes and the program at large.