English Classes and Instruction

Classes for Ages 3-5

ASB’s English Language Center classes provide children ages 3 through 5 with a comprehensive, hands-on educational experience that supports cognitive, social/emotional, language/communication and physical (gross/fine motor) development. Concepts and skills are taught through an integration of language, social and fine arts activities based on a theme or topic (e.g., parts of the body, weather, animals, etc.). Exposure to many social, sensory motor, artistic and pre-academic activities ensures strong foundations during the early stages of language development.

Classroom activities focus upon increasing English vocabulary and use. This is accomplished by providing a stimulating and dynamic environment. Children are encouraged to explore and “practice” language and communication skills, with a wide range of developmentally appropriate materials and activities. Our language program emphasizes the following values: engagement, creativity, autonomy, discovery, critical thinking, problem solving, and FUN.

Classes for Ages 6-16

Summer morning classes consist of 2.5 hours of daily academic English instruction, 1.5 hours of activity classes where English is integrated into the classes (Art, Computers, Video recording, and Sports), and Swimming.

Saturday classes consist of 2.5 hours of academic English instruction and 1 hour of activity classes where English is integrated into the classes (Video recording and Sports).

Weekday (Monday/Wednesday) classes consist of 1.5 hours of academic English instruction with video recording and technology projects (using iPads and/or laptops) integrated into the classes.

English Language Expectations

It is a goal of the ASB English Language Center to speak and expose children to the maximum amount of English possible throughout the class. We understand that there are children who begin the program with little or no English. We have found that, although children who are beginning language learners may not always be able to speak English, they come with a rich academic foundation in their home language. Teachers use many strategies to increase student understanding such as modeling, gesturing, or the use of images, graphic organizers, etc.