Weekday Program

Monday and Wednesday
October 2, 2023 - May 29, 2024

Program for students ages 3-5

The following is an approximate schedule for students ages 3-5:

18:00-18:25 Circle Time (presentation of the theme of the day/week); reviewing days of the week, months, weather, shapes and colors).
18:25-18:50 Language-arts based activities (puzzles, art activities, supervised games in English).
18:50-19:10 Stories and songs; arts and crafts.
19:10-19:20 Good-bye songs and routines; preparation to go home.
19:25 Dismissal

Program for students ages 6-16



Classes consist of 1.5 hours of academic English instruction. Within these 1.5 hours of activity classes, teachers can integrate activities where English is the main language of communication  (Computers, Video recording with the iPad to practice pronunciation and the use of grammar with the teacher’s support).


It is a goal of the ASB English Language Center to speak and expose children to the maximum amount of English possible throughout the class. We understand that there are children who begin the program with little or no English. We have found that, although children who are beginning language learners may not always be able to speak English, they come with a rich academic foundation in their home language. Teachers use many strategies to increase student understanding such as modeling, gesturing, or the use of images, graphic organizers, etc.


Students are assigned to their classes according to their age and level of English proficiency. We administer a language level test on the first day of classes for students ages 7 and older to evaluate efficiently and effectively the level of students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency in English. Students 6 years and younger are generally placed into classes by age, except in special circumstances in which a significant difference exists between the language level of the child and his/her peers.


All Weekday classes integrate the use of English in interactive and engaging ways.

Weekday Activities Description



Upper class students use laptops with their teacher to work on special projects that engage them in language learning activities while working in pairs or independently.


Video Recording

Students are filmed with iPads using English in interesting real-life situations, role plays, presentations and singing songs. Students then view what has been filmed and with the guidance of the teacher are able to assess their strengths and areas for continuous improvement in using English.

Enjoy our Summer English Programs Videos!!